Tuesday, May 30

Pair of socks finished

Yarn: Jawoll Comfort in Denim Blue

Pattern: Sixth Sense Socks by Susan Pierce Lawrence

These socks have a garter stitch heel and toe - which is very cushiony. I am loving these socks!!

Monday, May 29

Halfway there

I finished one of Charles' socks and one of Di's slippers. The sock is just a vanilla sock, but you can find the slipper pattern here. The slipper is knit using superwash merino wool on US size 4 needles.

Here's my flip flop sock so far. It's knit on US 1 dpns using Socks That Rock yarn, color: Waterlilies. It's a short cuff; it only comes about 1/4 of the way up my calf. Since I'll be wearing it with flip flops, I decided not to make a slip stitch heel. Need I say it again? I love this yarn!
These are the next socks on the list. From Socks Socks Socks, the Entrelac socks. They look difficult, but I'm up for a challenge. I think I may do a swatch first which will be the first time I've ever swatched for a sock. I read about what a hard time Stephanie Pearl-McPhee had knitting these, but I'm going to stick to the pattern and slog my way through it. If I fail, I give you all permission to point and laugh. I think I'll use Trekking XXL since I have so much of it. We'll see.

Friday, May 26

Socks on 2 Circs....Complete

Yay me! Well Yay for my hubby, although modeled by me! He finally gets a pair of socks made by moi. I have 2 skeins of Regia Silk waiting in the wings for a pair of Thuja's now for him.

Plymouth Encore Worsted in Navy

Size 5 x 24" addis

I learned this technique at my not so LYS (1 hr away). It was fun and I have already casted on 2 other pairs with this technique. So now I can do socks on dpns, ML and 2 circs.. which will help if I decide to cast on too many pairs at one time ;) The Encore is really nice yarn, for an acrylic. Not my choice but what was required for the class. I also don't use size 5's for socks often.

Wednesday, May 24

First sock done of the waffle socks. They are for my mom and I think she is going to love them. I am going to make the second EZ ripple sock next and then make the mate to this one. This way I don't get SSS. I'm moving right along!

Monday, May 22

Jungle Socks

Toe up socks in Lorna's Laces "Jungle Stripe". Knit with 2.5mm 32" Addi needles. Magic cast on from Knitty, and short row heel from Wendy's toe up sock pattern.

They fit absolutely perfectly and I love the funky colored stripes. A new record for me - two weeks to finished socks!

I also kind of like where the purple overlaps a little - makes for a weird sort of pattern.

Sunday, May 21

A sock completed

I finished this sock last night. I am using Jawol yarn in a denim blue. The pattern is one a friend shared with me. It has a nice cushiony garter stitch heel and toe.

Don't make me do it

I got Socks Socks Socks yesterday at Barnes and Noble. I really want my next pair of socks to be the Entrelac socks. I'm gonna do it. Pray for me. I still have some time before I cast on. I am a little confused about the materials though. The pattern says to use sport weight yarn and size 0 needles. Wouldn't that be just a teensy bit tight to knit? I think I'll use my beloved Trekking instead. Who doesn't love the Piggy socks?

I finished one of Charles' socks and cast on for the second one immediately after. Hurrah! No SSS here, baby. I've got about two inches on the cuff.

I started the heel on my first flip-flop sock. No pattern for that one...yet. I'm using Socks That Rock in Water Lily on US 1 dpns.

I have not touched the lace sock for about a month. I want to finish Charles' socks and a pair of slippers I started for my sister first. I'm knitting her slippers out of Fancy Image Yarn Superwash Merino Wool in purple. In place of a button, there will be a pom-pom because Di loves pom-poms.

I made it to the calf shaping!

I'm not lost or MIA, just very very busy. However, I've kept knitting on my kilt hose. Two more pics of the process:

This is the back of the sock. You can see how two more pannels grow on the sides of the purl "seam". I still have to increase two more pannels.

And this is a pic of the side cable (upside down, the only way to take a good pic of it now).

Keep you updated!

Cheers, Sade

Saturday, May 20

Regia Strato

Here's a scan of my current pair, which are knit with the Regia Strato that's on sale at WEBS for only $6 a skein. If you were thinking of buying some before the sale ends, now you can see what the striping sequence looks like!

Wednesday, May 17

One more pair!

This is my fourth pair of socks this year and I am just about socked out. I still have three on the needles, however :( But these are done!

Friday, May 12

Sock It To 'Em Knitalong

Sock It To 'Em Knitalong
Well, I finally cast on my very first pair of socks! I am doing Broadripple from Knitty. So far I have only knit 12 rows (the cuff), but I should make more progress over the weekend. I'm knitting them with double pointed needles. It always takes me a few tries to get my yarn joined, but after about 3 tries I did it! I'm excited to have finally joined the sock knitters, even if I have not gotten very far on my first sock!

Sock on two dpns

I haven't posted in awhile! We're moving so I've been really busy packing stuff up and painting the walls (and ceilings). I've been thinking about knitting a pair of socks from the toe up on two dpns. I'm currently knitting the baby booties from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and they're knitted that way. It's a pretty neat way of knitting and I thought it would be perfect for socks. I'm not going to try it until I finish at least two of the socks I'm already working on. Especially that lace sock. Grrr...

Sunday, May 7

One Pair Done, Another Started

Here's a kinda blurry photo of my pumpkin socks. I didn't realize till I saw the photo how scuffed those Mary Janes are! The fit is good, but the fabric is a little loose; my gauge with US2 Bryspuns and Knit Picks Essential was 7 st/inch. For the next pair I'd like a slightly tighter gauge, so this weekend I got some Pony Pearl dpns, which are--dig this--size 1.5. Perfect! I cast on the next pair, using Regia Strato, this morning.

These are the first socks I've made for me and not as a gift for someone else. It was so much fun wearing them, I didn't want to take them off at the end of the day.

An introduction

Hi - I'm one of the newbies to the KAL and though I am not currently knitting any socks, thought I should introduce myself.

My name is Veronica and I am an Australian (hence the name ;)). I have been knitting most of my life - I learned when I was about 4 years old - but only started knitting socks last year. I love sock knitting because a) they are relatively fast and b) they are small and can be taken just about anywhere - I knitted a pair of socks on my travels around USA and Canada late last year.

A couple of months ago I came across the Jaywalker socks pattern and just had to try it out (I see there is at least one person in this KAL working on that pattern).

Here are some pics of my completed Jaywalkers

Yarn was Opal sock yarn in the Brasil Rainbow colourway. These are my favourite socks :)

Thursday, May 4

Here are my Easy Ripple Socks. They are a lot of fun to make and go very quickly on the 2 circulars. I am already planning my next five pairs of socks! So many great patterns out there. When these are finished, I will post a picture of them on my feet. :)

Wednesday, May 3

2 Circs! Yay!

My sock is going quite well, and I really like this method. My test was the cuff, heel, and gusset part, the rest, not worried at all. Fit hubby so far! So my homework is to be ready for the toe decreases and kitchner. Yeah I know how to do it, but after my heel fiasco last Saturday, I am behaving.. I understand totally why my first heel I completed was wrong! :)

Ready, Set, Toe!

I finished my pumpkin socks tonight, at last. Did the best job I've ever done of kitchenering the toes. These are the first pair I've made for me rather than someone else. It was very exciting to try them on. My first thought was, they fit perfectly! And my second thought was, I only want to wear hand-knit socks from now on.

For my next pair I'm going to use the Regia Strato Color (black, violet, lilac, fuschia) that I got on sale at WEBS. They're going to be plain old stockinette, because I need a take-anywhere project that doesn't require a lot of attention. I've got several lace projects going, so a simple pair of socks will be a nice break from charts.

I took some pictures and will post one as soon as I get the roll developed!

Monday, May 1

Nothing to do with socks

I'm adding a new blurb to the title because we've made it through a month without dropping members like stitches. Hurrah!

Thank you Sock Rockers!