Tuesday, February 27

Lorna's Laces Complete

I just finished some socks made with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport. I'm really happy with the way they came out, VERY comfy! Check out the BLOG for additional details, including the misadventures of "will there be enough yarn?!"

Saturday, February 24

Different colors

Two different colored rovings
Spun and Plied together
Socks Made

Thursday, February 22


I got a package in the mail from my Knittyboard sock swap partner today. Stariel knit me a great pair of handpainted socks. I'm in love with them. The colors and the fit are perfect. Meet my new favorite socks.
See the rest of the goody haul on my blog.

Monday, February 19

Feather Lace sock

Unable to decide on what type of socks to make (There are so many wonderful choices.), I decided to use stitches from a knitting book for the sock pattern. Here is a sock done in Feather Lace (from p 91 of The Encyclopedia of Knitting by Stanfield and Griffiths which I got at a half-price book shop). It has a Widdershins heel and a Turkish cast-on toe. For the sides of the leg, I added a purl stitch every other pattern repeat and a knit stitch on alternate pattern repeats (to each side of the front and back of the sock -- one stitch in -- for an increase of 4 each time). Though, because of the pattern, the sides don't look like a simple ribbing. It's done in KP Essential with size 1 circs. The length was determined by the amount of yarn I had. I added to the sock length until almost through a skein of yarn. This picture doesn't do the sock justice. A close-up of the foot is here. Now I've got its mate to knit.

Friday, February 16

TOFUtsies socks

It seems like forever since I finished a pair of socks, but finally I have something to post.
These are basic 56 stitch, 56 row stockinette socks in TOFUtsies.
I'm not totally in love with the yarn. It felt good knitting, but doesn't feel great on my foot. They are a little scratchy. I'm hoping washing will soften them up a bit.

Sunday, February 11

Diamond Rib Socks

Hot off the needles--a pair of Diamond Rib socks. The stitch pattern comes from Sensational Knitted Socks, the sock pattern is a generic top-down one I use all the time. The yarn is from Fearless Fibers. It's her 100 percent merino sock yarn in Mocha Spice. The colors created nice stripes around the feet, but there was some serious pooling in the legs, which I tried to interrupt by breaking the yarn and rejoining at a different color. So I guess they're kind of goofy looking, but oh are they soft!

Both my feet and my cat like them a lot.

Saturday, February 10

My first pair of self-striping socks on 2 circulars

Thanks to a couple of great on-line tutorials, I now know how to knit 2 socks on 2 circulars, and am proud to present these socks I knit for my DS.
Saying sayonara to second sock syndrome has fueled my new sock-knitting addiction, and I have already started another pair on 2 circulars!

Monday, February 5

Jaywalkers never die

I completed my Jaywalkers a little while ago, but I had to wait for 'new blogger' to come my way before I could show 'em off here.... So here they are! And they match! Pardon the repeat if you've already been forced to admire them. ;)

Pattern: Jaywalker Socks by Grumperina
Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Color Tweed 004
Needles: US1 Brittany (5 dpns)

More details on my blog.

Friday, February 2

First socks of the year

I finished my first socks of the year for my hubby. He's already requesting another pair. The yarn is from Susan's Spinning Bunny and the colorway is Denim. The pattern is from Socks Soar on Two Circulars.