Monday, February 19

Feather Lace sock

Unable to decide on what type of socks to make (There are so many wonderful choices.), I decided to use stitches from a knitting book for the sock pattern. Here is a sock done in Feather Lace (from p 91 of The Encyclopedia of Knitting by Stanfield and Griffiths which I got at a half-price book shop). It has a Widdershins heel and a Turkish cast-on toe. For the sides of the leg, I added a purl stitch every other pattern repeat and a knit stitch on alternate pattern repeats (to each side of the front and back of the sock -- one stitch in -- for an increase of 4 each time). Though, because of the pattern, the sides don't look like a simple ribbing. It's done in KP Essential with size 1 circs. The length was determined by the amount of yarn I had. I added to the sock length until almost through a skein of yarn. This picture doesn't do the sock justice. A close-up of the foot is here. Now I've got its mate to knit.


Blogger String Bean said...

It looks beautiful and it sounds like it was quite a project. Those long socks on size 1 needles!? *faints*

You deserve a gold star for those.

11:42 AM  

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