Sunday, April 30

the heel-less wonder

A while back I found a sock pattern booklet from the 1940s. One of the patterns is for a sock with a "smart new look" and here it is in KnitPicks sock garden (geranium). It's basically a tube sock in k4 p4 ribbing that is offset every four rows. This is sock #1. I also have a pair started in solid bright pink.

Wednesday, April 26

Introduction and some socks

Hello, my name is Mamma and I am a sock addict.

I started knitting socks for a small project to knit during the day while my kids are awake, then I tackle more complicated projects at night when I can focus (I've got three of my own, and I watch my Sister's two children as well). But somehow the socks keep getting finished while my lace shows no progress. I can't put the circular needles down. Here's a few I just finished.

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River Rapid socks for my Sister-in-law

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I highly recommend this pattern from Sock Bug. It was a lot of fun.

I made these little Manly Socks for my son.

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And I just finished these socks for me. I call them Girly Blues. I might write up a quick & dirty pattern for my blog is there is interest.

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All of the socks were knit with Knit Picks sock yarn on 2 size 0 circular needles.

Tuesday, April 25

My homework

Yep, got homework from my 2 circ. sock class! Have to finish this cuff (1" away), put on stitch holders, then start the next cuff before the next class so the teacher can make sure we remembered how to start. How could I forget! I love this method so far! Well...ask me again after my next class ;)

Coffee Break!

Coffee Break!
I've had this blog since March, but have been very bad about updating it. Perhaps if I had a camera to take pictures it would be more fun to use.....

Right now I am knitting Cozy from I started it on 03-29-06. The yarn I am using is Andean Silk from Knit Picks in Hollyberry on size 9 needles. After 8 repeats, I was at my mom’s house and ran into a problem that she offered to fix for me. After about 20 minutes of working on my problem, my mom mentioned that her YOs were much larger than mine. Imagine my surprise when I found out that I had been doing my YOs wrong! Boy was I sad to have to rip all my work out! Currently I’m on my 17th repeat, and figure that I am just over 1/3 done! Hooray! It is knitting up rather nicely now. Hopefully I’ll be able to post a picture some time!

Saturday, April 22

Me? A sock? Yes, the rumors are true!

These are socks for my sister's fiance. You'd think she'd be knitting them, but oh no... not Di. She'd rather be knitting things for herself (who wouldn't?). So to make him feel welcome in the family he's getting handknit socks. He has MS and spends most of his time in a wheelchair so he won't ruin them. Yay! The yarn is Sisu Maskinvaskbar (80% god ...hee hee). It's quite nice to work with and very woolly feeling. The socks are just plain ribbing, pretty vanilla, but they'll be comforatable.

The lace sock? It's on vacation.

Friday, April 21


So, you'd think I'd have these done by now. They really are a quick knit, they're small, they're adorable...but I neglect them. My obsession is my cinzia sweater; I did, however, manage to work on these for a couple hours while waiting for Princess Abbie to take her driving test for her lisence. And then last weekend I worked on them at a seminar I went to for work. Don't worry, I took notes. Some.

Sock #1 is done!

Now I have 11 days to make the second Sockapaloooza sock ...

Thursday, April 20


Or should I say part of one LOL!

Pattern here for sockettes. Using KP's Sock Garden in Pansy. Minor problem with picking up stitches for the gusset as in needed more to properly close the holes that would have been made if I did the amount in the pattern. It is not the pattern's fault by no means..I think it is an ongoing problem I have but I do correct it by K2tog on the next round so I have the appropriate number. It's probably my lack of swatching and my row gauge always seems to be larger than it is supposed to be. Thus my problem with swatching...why??? hmmm. Hope to have these done by next week..tune it ;)

First socks!

My first socks are done and can be seen here. I had a really good time knitting these and am definitely going to cast on for another pair soon.

Tuesday, April 11

Can someone be a sock virgin?

If so, then I am. I've always hated the socks my mother knit me, having to try them on for size with the needles sticking everywhere, having to wear another pair of socks underneath because of the wool that was in the yarn, not being able to wear any shoes any more because they got too tight, the boring colours, the list goes on and on.
I tried to knit socks myself once, I managed to knit about an inch of the cuff and then I stopped because I hated knitting with about a million needles in my hands. So I swore I was going to stay a sock virgin, I was never going to knit any socks.

Now here I am, in a sock knitalong, all excited to get going. What changed my mind? Three things actually:
1. I found out that you can knit in the round without having to use dpns (Why didn't anybody tell me THAT before?)
2. I read the article on how you can knit toe up socks without a seam (I HATE seaming, and I very much like the idea of doing toe up socks)
3. I have found sock yarn without wool in it on ebay (hooray for ebay!).

I've started on a practice sock with some left-over yarn I had. It won't make a sock I can use, but I just had to start, I couldn't wait...
Now I will only have to wait for my sock yarn to arrive and I have to find out how to turn the heel.

So I guess I'm losing my virginity after all...

I swear I am knitting some socks!

I have been a horrible blogger, have not even posted on my own in some time. My son and I are on Spring Break this week, which means that I have time to update all the KALs I joined. (Being his teacher means I am busy when he is.)

I finished my first pair of socks that are out of actual sockweight yarn. I am not pleased. I loved the Regia yarn and the colors, but I do not like the pattern I chose. I have small feet and wanted to put ribbing the whole length to see if that would make them fit better but I feel the eyelet rib does not do the yarn justice.
I hate the toes, too. I am frogging them back a few rows and Kitchnering with more stitches on the needle...ny squat little feet don't need the pointiness.

I have another pair on the needles, my first short row heel in a lavender superwash Cascade 220. Ribbing is done on both, ready for the leg pattern. They should go fast.

It's very cloudy today so I will take some pics tomorrow and get them posted. I am working on a new blog so will be messing about in Photobucket for that, as well.

And good work on all the socks posted below! Y'all are doing some fine work!



Hi everyone,
I just joined this KAL. My name is Becky and I'm knitting my very first pair of socks. I have always wanted to try it, but was afraid to get going. So to force me into it, I signed on for the Sockapalooza sock swap. Here is the first of my socks - second one to come (no second sock syndrome here!)

Image hosting by Photobucket
In progress...

Image hosting by Photobucket

The yarn is from Knitpicks,Simple Stripes in Snapdragon. I am using two balls stranded together so that's why my sock is not producing the striping like shown. I actually like it better the way I'm doing it. Hopefully my sock pal will too!

Monday, April 10

I scream...for....

Ice cream! Sorry couldn't resist! May I present my Neopolitan Socks.

The yarn is from Heather, pattern is Road Trip Socks. My 3rd pair many more in the wings...more details and pics here. you want some ice cream now! ;)

Thursday, April 6

Second Sock Syndrome, I Banish Thee!

I finally started on the 2nd River Rapid. Behold the cuff:

Ribbing is so boring

I really must learn to work 2 socks at once. Perhaps next pair, if I'm not too lazy to divide the ball of yarn. That's a big "if." ;-)

Tuesday, April 4

sock progress

I worked on both of these during the recent Public Library Association conference in Boston. Conferences overwhelm me (too many librarians in one place is a little, ah, scary -- and I am one) so each night I holed up in my hotel room and knit, knit, knit. Sorry about the image quality - my digital camera is an antique!

Saturday, April 1

jaywalker socks

Here are my Jaywalkers out of Opal Tiger Sock Yarn. I just love them. I orignally started them for myself but I think they will be a birthday gift. My hands are hurting from working on that cardigan, so I have to take a break from it today, and these socks are just begging to be worked this weekend!