Tuesday, April 11

I swear I am knitting some socks!

I have been a horrible blogger, have not even posted on my own in some time. My son and I are on Spring Break this week, which means that I have time to update all the KALs I joined. (Being his teacher means I am busy when he is.)

I finished my first pair of socks that are out of actual sockweight yarn. I am not pleased. I loved the Regia yarn and the colors, but I do not like the pattern I chose. I have small feet and wanted to put ribbing the whole length to see if that would make them fit better but I feel the eyelet rib does not do the yarn justice.
I hate the toes, too. I am frogging them back a few rows and Kitchnering with more stitches on the needle...ny squat little feet don't need the pointiness.

I have another pair on the needles, my first short row heel in a lavender superwash Cascade 220. Ribbing is done on both, ready for the leg pattern. They should go fast.

It's very cloudy today so I will take some pics tomorrow and get them posted. I am working on a new blog so will be messing about in Photobucket for that, as well.

And good work on all the socks posted below! Y'all are doing some fine work!



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