Friday, June 30

prodigal knitter

Finally, the first "heel-less wonder" from my vintage Beehive Sock Yarn pattern booklet (copyright 1940). The yarn is Knitpicks Memories in Geranium. My only mod was to kitchener the toe instead of drawing the yarn through the remaining 8 sts as the pattern directed. I've already cast on sock #2 so my plan is to post again soon. -Deb

UPDATE...socks abandoned...yarn shortage...this one in kitty toy basket (Gwen does love her socks)...

Thursday, June 29

First post, but not first sock

Howdy everyone! I'm happy to get in on your knit-along. This is my current sock. I just turned the heel on its mate. I'm knitting it cuff-down on Size 2 dpns. The yarn is Fortissima Socka. I'm knitting these socks for my mom, who likes long cuffs, so when I saw how much yarn I had left, I went back and took out my cast-on row and knit upward, finishing with a tubular bind-off.

This is my fourth attempt at socks, and my second successful pair. Between first socks and this were the victim of the great sock-boiling tragedy of aught-five and a victim of Magic Loop frustration.

"Sock-boiling tragedy?" you ask. Yes, it's a sad tale. A friend who wears an ankle brace asked me to make her a toeless sock to wear as padding -- much like the pedicure socks in the current Knitty. I knitted the thing three times, but each time, the sizing was off. Finally, she said it fit. She was fibbing, but she didn't want me to keep ripping it out. She decided to shrink the sock herself, with some ill-formed notion that hot water would do the trick. She put the sock in a pot of water on the stove.

Some time later ... sniff, sniff ... "What's burning?"

I have since instructed friend that she can find cheap six-packs of athletic socks at Wal-Mart and cut off the toes.

Tuesday, June 27

Ankle socks or AKA

Footies! Less than 1 ball of Cascade Fixation in Desert Sand. Wore them to work today and other than one cuff a tiny bit shorter, they kept my feet cool! I need to make the next pair a tiny bit longer in the foot too. Off to the next pair of socks!

Very Long Time No Post!

Well... Here is my recent sock... Made from some Fleece Artist I picked up last week at a yarn sale... Of course, this wasn't on sale! I've started the toe and hopefully will finish it up tonight and get ready for sock two... I wanted a plain sock this time around, but the next pair itchin' for the sticks will be different... The pink socks I posted about ages ago were finished, and they turned out well... I gave them to my niece before I posted a picture!

Sunday, June 25

just some basic socks

Hi everyone! I'm finally making a post. As part of my 2006 resolutions - more socks! I'm determined to commit this basic sock pattern to memory. Good basic plain-jane socks from my LYS. Someday I will join you fancy sock knitters (really, you are inspiring!)

And, the omnipresent gusset gap. On just the one side as always. It's so reliable, we may just become best friends.

Yarn: Lane Cervinia Forever Jaquard No.220/ Needles: US2 Brittany DPNs

Thursday, June 22

Happy Feet

Hello again, I just finished another pair of socks on Sunday. I made them out of Lorna's Laces colorway Baltic Sea. The colors are so rich and earthy. The pattern I used was More fun than cables and was really fun to do. Toe up of course.

TTFN, Abigail

Wednesday, June 21

Toe up socks

I had a little break from sock making...but I'm back :)

This is my first attept at knitting socks from the toe up. Normally, I would knit socks from the cuff down - it is generally easier to do it this way.

The advantages of knitting from the toe up are that you can better judge the length of the foot and when to start the heel (it is a bit of guess work when knitting the traditional way because you need to decrease over a number of rows to shape the toe).

I have looked at other (more complicated) patterns for knitting toe up and was "scared off" by them. Recently, I bought a new book - Sensational Knitted Socks - which has several variations for knitting socks.

I am knitting a five stitch pattern called "yarn over cable" and have used the "easy toe" with a provisional cast on (another first!)

I am really liking how this toe is formed.

Yarn is Opal Sock Yarn in Dreamcatcher shade 1231 (yellow,pink & blue)

Toe - from the top showing yarn over cable pattern

Toe side view - showing increases

Tuesday, June 20

Glad to be here!

Its so good to be in a KAL with other sock lovers. Knitting socks makes knitting possible while living in FL. I just finished a pair of socks for a friend of mine. Lionbrand Magic Stripes on size 2 dpns. Mailed them out today.

She also saw my socks made in Cascade Fixation (on size 3 dpns) and said she would LOVE those too!! So off those went as well.

The next pair of socks I knit will be for ME!!

Monday, June 19

Survivors of Second Sock Syndrome

Yes, I admit it, I was stricken with SSS. I hid it as best as I could, thinking that this sad and humiliating affliction was only hurting myself. I was so blind. Second Sock Syndrome touches the lives of everyone we love...

...especially if those loved ones were given the first sock 3 months ago. I got this in e-mail today:

What Have I Done???

Thankfully, the second sock is now finished and in the hands of the US Postal Service. I only hope it's not too late, and that the healing warmth of Superwash wool can turn that frown upside down.

Or at least cover it up!

Faery Tales

I have got some socks to post, must take a photo :)

Sunday, June 18


Finished these socks for my mom. They are made with sockotta yarn using size 1 needles. They were my project spectrum socks for last month and the pattern is blueberry waffle. They will be on their way to her tomorrow. I hope she likes them!

Friday, June 9

Hello all!

I'm a fairly new sock obsessed first pair took me 3 years to do but now I'm addicted. I currently have 3 differnt sock WIP! And I nearly CO for another pair because I got my KnitPicks order in today. But I held off. I still have only done simple socks - cuff down, heel flap, with 4 needles but I'm looking to expand.

I leave you with my favourite pair of socks made with KnitPicks Sock Garden in Stargazer Lily. Of course, being pure wool, they are much too warm to wear at the moment but they sure are pretty.
I'm so happy to be here :)

(Babbling) Stacey

Sunday, June 4

Hello, new friends

Last week I was skipping through blog land and I found this fabby KAL. I contacted Sadie and she was kind enough to let me join the fun. So here I am with my first post and a hello to all those nifty sock knitters.

Roses of Conway was born on Friday morning. If you want to read more about her do pop over to my blog.

Have a great day, Abigail 1870 pearl

Thursday, June 1

Charles' Walk-On-Water Socks

I finished my sister's fiance's socks today. Their knit out of navy blue Sisu Maskinvaskbar (Be proud! I didn't even have to look at the label to remember the name). My sister calles them his God socks (or Walk-On-Water socks) because the label says their 80% god (means lambs wool). Hardy-har-har...

I'm going to finish my flip flop socks, finish my lace sock, then start a pair of Jayalkers for my sister because she's knitting me a cardigan. Ahh, family. I'll post a picture of the socks on his feet when my sister sends me one.


These socks were inspired by my hubby's love (ok, and my love) for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. We are both really looking forward to the second movie coming out, so when I saw that Lorna's Laces makes a color called Black Purl (the ship in the movie being the Black Pearl), I knew he needed pirate socks. Combine that with the "We Call Them Pirates" hat, and what do you get?

These! (Main color is the Black Purl, heels & toes are Knit Picks Essential in Black, and colorwork is in Patons Kroy Sock in Muslin)

I completely shocked myself by finishing these in a week. Stranded colorwork is totally new to me (other than one sad attempt at the Fairway Fair Isle pattern from knitty), so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I believe the WCTP hat is in the future for Kris, as well as some other Fair Isle projects I've been lusting over but afraid of. Now to conquer the fear of steeks...


I finished the EZ ripple socks last night. I made these with knitpicks sock memories, and they are so soft! Now I just have to finish the mate to the waffle socks I have on the needles.