Thursday, November 30

Some Knit Picks to Share

I finally finished my socks that I made with my Knit Picks discontinued yarn. It always amazes me why certain yarns are discontinued. I really liked this one, and its really soft to the touch. Anyway I got a good deal on it and have some nice socks to wear.

Saturday, November 25

My first pair of socks for my DS

Hi! I am excited to join this knit along; I'm a new sock knitter!
I now understand why so many people, like the Harlot, are hooked.
I love how there are so many different things to do, but with the satisfaction of completing something relatively soon!

Here are my first pair for my 5 year old, from Sensational Knitted Socks.
Please drop by my blog for more knitting.
Happy knitting everyone!


These came off the needles Thanksgiving night. They were made with CTH sock yarn, and it is by far the best sock yarn I have used.

The pattern is links of lace that I got from the internet, and even though the variegated yarn makes it hard to see the pattern, I still think they look pretty good. My step-mom will be receiving these for Christmas.

Wednesday, November 22

I have a pair!

I finally finished my second sock. They ended up turning out a little big, but I love them.

Tuesday, November 21

Oh Happy Day!!!

Everybody sing along!!! My Basketcase Socks are finally finished. Oh, happy day! The yarn is Regia Wool. This pattern was a great deal of fun to do even though it took me a little while to get the hang of the Eye of Partridge heel.

I know what I'm wearing tomorrow; Basketcase socks and a black sweater. They are done just in time for the cold weather. Tonight is supposed to be the coldest night yet here and tomorrow is supposed to be blustery and cold. Warm socks are just the ticket!

Sunday, November 19

Here's a Lone Broadripple

I am a bit sorry to admit this was all I completed in Socktoberfest. One sock. Oh, well.

Saturday, November 11

Socks Most Green!

Yep. They're green! The yarn is from Sunshine Yarn, colourway is called Avocado... Pattern is Waving Lace from IK Spring 2004, which I've knit before. It's easy and looks pretty! Looks like my holiday gift-giving plans may actually be on track! I have eight pairs done... This new sock in the middle is also Sunshine Yarn, colourway name escapes me almost entirely, but it's something like "Chocolate Covered Cherries"... Can you tell I love this girl's yarn?! The colours are lovely and it knits up so fine, and has nice softness. Both pair are knit on 2.25mm needles...
Off to knit more socks!

Friday, November 10

First Sock Completed

I finally finished my first ever sock. The yarn I used for the heel and ribbing came from my Hot Sock Swap partner, Andrea.

Thursday, November 2

Elfine in autumn

Here is a picture of the Elfine socks that I'm knitting for my DD. They're in KP autumn simple stripes with 2 size 1 circs. This is what I got done with just one skein. So I'll have quite a bit left over when I finally finish the socks. They're obviously done toe up. I was going to use a Widdershins heel, but, after making the gusset increases, I discovered that I couldn't add. I considered doing a smaller heel flap but then reconsidered and decided to do my original heel flap of 18 sts per side and leave the remaining middle 17 sts for the "shape heel" part (which isn't enough, if I were to follow the pattern). (My DD has a high arch just as I do and so needs a long heel flap.) Instead of the "regular" heel, I decided to try a square heel to see what would happen. (Ie, RS: k34, m1, k1, turn; WS: sl1, p16, m1, p1, turn; RS: sl1, k16, m1, k1, turn; WS: sl1, p16, m1, p1, turn, ... until there were 18 + 31 + 18 or 67 sts total -- since 31 sts is what I needed to do the Elfine pattern on the back of the ankle.) Surprisingly, it worked out.
The heel flap, which can't be seen in the picture, is done according to the Widdershins directions except... I knitted across on the RS except, of course, for the first stitch (slipped) and the last (k2tog tbl one from the last heel st and the next gusset st). On the WS, I alternated sl2, (p1, sl1) 14 times, p2tog with sl1, (p1, sl1) 14 times, p1, p2tog to get the diamond "peacock (?) eye" pattern that I've seen a few times and which goes well with the Elfine diamonds.
I was hoping to get them done while still in England (where my DD attends university). My DD is so sweet. She said that it was OK, that Christmas isn't that far away.