Thursday, November 2

Elfine in autumn

Here is a picture of the Elfine socks that I'm knitting for my DD. They're in KP autumn simple stripes with 2 size 1 circs. This is what I got done with just one skein. So I'll have quite a bit left over when I finally finish the socks. They're obviously done toe up. I was going to use a Widdershins heel, but, after making the gusset increases, I discovered that I couldn't add. I considered doing a smaller heel flap but then reconsidered and decided to do my original heel flap of 18 sts per side and leave the remaining middle 17 sts for the "shape heel" part (which isn't enough, if I were to follow the pattern). (My DD has a high arch just as I do and so needs a long heel flap.) Instead of the "regular" heel, I decided to try a square heel to see what would happen. (Ie, RS: k34, m1, k1, turn; WS: sl1, p16, m1, p1, turn; RS: sl1, k16, m1, k1, turn; WS: sl1, p16, m1, p1, turn, ... until there were 18 + 31 + 18 or 67 sts total -- since 31 sts is what I needed to do the Elfine pattern on the back of the ankle.) Surprisingly, it worked out.
The heel flap, which can't be seen in the picture, is done according to the Widdershins directions except... I knitted across on the RS except, of course, for the first stitch (slipped) and the last (k2tog tbl one from the last heel st and the next gusset st). On the WS, I alternated sl2, (p1, sl1) 14 times, p2tog with sl1, (p1, sl1) 14 times, p1, p2tog to get the diamond "peacock (?) eye" pattern that I've seen a few times and which goes well with the Elfine diamonds.
I was hoping to get them done while still in England (where my DD attends university). My DD is so sweet. She said that it was OK, that Christmas isn't that far away.


Blogger Bonnie said...

They look great! You could make her a matchng headband with the leftovers. :-)

7:46 AM  
Blogger debbie said...

i love how your elfine's socks is turning out! i just finished my first toe-ups in that pattern - i had to give them to my daughter because the socks were a tad narrow and so the ankle part was kinda tight and difficult to get over my foot...i think i'll try it again, maybe with size 1.5 needles....

1:06 AM  
Blogger Carol said...

Thanks, all

Bonnie, good idea! She doesn't wear headbands, but she does wear scrunchies.

Debbie, I have that trouble with short-row heels also. I redid my first short-row heel so many times -- until someone told me that making a couple or more gusset increases before the heel (and then working the heel over the few more sts) would help. It did. (Both my DD and I have high arches and need that extra room in the heel.)

6:17 PM  

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