Wednesday, April 18


The last pair of socks I made were Cookie's Monkey socks. This is another of her patterns: Baudelaire socks. The sock in KP pumpkin on size 1 circs. Its heel comes from Fleegle's no-hassle sock pattern.

The yarn has an interesting history. I originally ordered it to make the flowers on's TipToe socks. (I still haven't gotten up to courage to try TipToes yet.) Then I used it with another sock pattern, found I didn't have enough for 2 socks, and ordered another skein. By the time the new skein arrived, I discovered that I didn't care for the sock pattern anymore. So, after a few month's time, it finally got knitted up into the Baudelaire pattern.

Because of my high arch, I needed to adjust Fleegle's heel pattern to make the back of the heel higher. Instead of doing gusset increases to almost double the number of sole sts, I finally settled double plus 4. That gave me 6 more sole sts. So, upon reaching the point with 10 sts to pick up on either side of the heel, for every other repeat of the 2-row repeat in the "Turn Heel" section, I skipped the k1/p1 at the end -- which ended up working just about right for me.

Monday, April 16

Cafe Curtain Socks

I finally have a finish to share. Cafe Curtain Socks in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock (Colorway: Blackwatch).
The yarn was a Christmas present from DH.
Click on the photo to enlarge and see the lacy detail. I did an Eye of Partridge heel.
I think these are going to be my favorite socks ever! I love the color and I love the pattern!

Monday, April 9

CIC socks

I finally finished my Children In Common socks. I used some light pink worsted wool and then dyed them with some Cherry Kool Aid. I like the finished product!

Thursday, April 5

Ox Sox

I've been bad about posting my projects on here, so I thought I'd better do so now. These are my socks for the month of March. I made them for my wrestling ring announcer friend, The Mighty Ox. The complete story is on my blog
On the needles for April are the Tidal Wave socks from SWTC out of Tofutsies.

Wednesday, April 4

Another pair finished

These were done in Cascade Fixation and that has got to be by far my favorite sock yarn. Fast Florida footie pattern. This is pair #10 for me. Knitting socks is the best!! Check out my blog. More socks, more socks!