Wednesday, April 18


The last pair of socks I made were Cookie's Monkey socks. This is another of her patterns: Baudelaire socks. The sock in KP pumpkin on size 1 circs. Its heel comes from Fleegle's no-hassle sock pattern.

The yarn has an interesting history. I originally ordered it to make the flowers on's TipToe socks. (I still haven't gotten up to courage to try TipToes yet.) Then I used it with another sock pattern, found I didn't have enough for 2 socks, and ordered another skein. By the time the new skein arrived, I discovered that I didn't care for the sock pattern anymore. So, after a few month's time, it finally got knitted up into the Baudelaire pattern.

Because of my high arch, I needed to adjust Fleegle's heel pattern to make the back of the heel higher. Instead of doing gusset increases to almost double the number of sole sts, I finally settled double plus 4. That gave me 6 more sole sts. So, upon reaching the point with 10 sts to pick up on either side of the heel, for every other repeat of the 2-row repeat in the "Turn Heel" section, I skipped the k1/p1 at the end -- which ended up working just about right for me.


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