Monday, October 23

Socktoberfest Jaywalkers for Di

Jaywalkers for Di
Originally uploaded by String Bean.
I finished these Jaywalkers last week and only just got hold of a camera yesterday. My dad brought home the work camera so I could take knitting pictures. What a caring father. Unfortunately, these socks aren't for him. They're a bithday gift for my sister. She'll be 22 on the 26th of October. Happy Birthday Di!

Yarn used: Trekking XXL ...have forgotten the colorway.
Needles: US 1 dpns
Time Taken: I didn't work on these all the time so probabaly a month or so.

Friday, October 20

Dad's 60th Birthday Socks

Here are pictures of my Dad's 60th Birthday socks, I have just finished them in time for his birthday on 21st October - tomorrow!! These are the 1st socks I have knitted for someone else and my 3rd pair - sock knitting is really addictive.

I have used Wendy's generic toe up sock pattern, but modified it slightly by making it bigger and I altered the ribbing. These socks were made using Lorna's Laces Black Pearl colourway with 3.25 long circular Addi's using the Magic Loop technique, and although the colours have pooled massively I still think he will love them, given as a gift for his special day. More pictures on my blog.

Sunday, October 15

More Socks!

Plain knit socks in Artyarns Ultramerino4, knit on 2.75mm needles... I really like the stripes on these! The colour you see in the picture is actually how it looks!

Jaywalkers done! Yarntini, colourway Vintage, knit on 2.25mm needles... I LOVE the colours. Wish I had more of this yarn, as these are a gift and I have only a small amount left! Sorry about the awful colour in this pic... The colour in my previous post about these socks is better...

Saturday, October 14

More Fixation

After I finished the last pair of Fixation socks, the kidlets wanted some for themselves. Since the first pair done fits Baby Girl, she gets them. Check out my blog for all the specifics.

Friday, October 13

More Mock Cables!

I finished another pair of mock cabled footies. These are knit with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted. What a buttery soft yarn! I will definitely use it again.

Wednesday, October 11

Ruby Slippers

My mom is in town this week and to celebrate her visit I knit her a pretty pair of socks, which I named Ruby Slippers.

Come on over to my blog to get all the fabby details.

Sunday, October 8

Socktober Socks...

Pair 1, and hoping for at least 1 more!!

Finally finished another pair of ankle socks!! Cascade fixation Effects in pink! They are the best fitting pair of ankle socks to date..guess 3rd time is the charm! Happy Socktoberfest!

Third pair is really the second pair...

I finally finished my SECOND-EVER pair of socks. (The pair posted earlier is actually my THIRD pair - I started these first so they have the added feature of a lovely gusset hole.)

And better late than never.... Jaywalkers in 'da house. (For those counting with me, this is pair #4)

(Yarn details on the bloggity blog)
Happy Socktober!

Monday, October 2

Jaywalker, 2nd pair

Here is my first sock for Socktoberfest... Jaywalker on 2.25mm needles, Yarntini striping in a colourway called Vintage.
I always swore I'd never get striping yarn. "Um...I can make my own stripes..." Well, as you can see, I broke that little agreement I had with myself... I love the yarn, and it was the colours that got me. I thought of making a scarf and swiping the Jaywalker chevron, but decided on socks. I love them!

Sunday, October 1

Happy Fixation!

These socks are for me!! I finished them up on Friday and have worn them ever since! I used Cascade Fixation in white and lime green and I really love them. Check out the blog for sock details. Now the kids want some, but small feet=fast socks so it works for me!!