Saturday, January 12

The Stoopid Socks

Finished these Thursday night, finally another pair of the dumb and dumber socks are done. Now the 'even dumber' pair are back on needles, but this time will have just a plain solid colored foot. Long story. But did get 2 pair and the top patterned 5th sock out of one solid colored ball of Opal, amazing. But will be very happy to see the end of these dark teal yarn.

Monday, January 7

hello, and one sock.

Hi everyone! I am a new Sock It To 'Em knitter.

This is my "work sock", so named because I will only knit it while I am at work. Progress was quick over the holidays when there wasn't a lot of actual work to do, but SSS is creeping up on me.

More pics and details can be found here and here.

I rather like the inside-out view...

Sunday, January 6

1st pair in 08

First pair of Monstersocks for 2008. Used up lots more little bits of leftovers. Only problem was picking up stitches for afterthought heel on black, will make sure that doesn't happen again. Still have enuff odds & sods to make at least another couple of pair. Life is good.