Saturday, June 30

Kool Aid Socks

I finally used my yarn that I dyed back in November to make a pair of socks. And they took me the entire month of June to make. This is what happens when you have more than one project going at a time.
Check out the blog for more pics and details.

Wednesday, June 20

Plain Vanilla

Nothing fancy about these socks, but I'm very happy with them. Plain ol' stockinette socks, but I'm very pleased to say the striping ended up perfectly aligned (even though you can't see both toes). Trust me --- it worked this time.
Too bad it's over 95° today. Certainly not wooly sock weather.

Saturday, June 16

New pair of sockies!

I haven't finished a complete pair of socks in a long time (singles yes, complete no.) Well today I did!

They are just a pair of Cascade Fixation Ankle socks (pattern by Turtlegirl) but I'm pretty happy with them!

My blog has more details here.

More Socks!

This is my fourth pair of Waving Lace socks, and I think maybe these ones I get to keep! I knit them as per pattern instructions, except I knit an eye of partridge heel. It works quite well, I think. The pretty, pretty yarn is called Little Blue Box. So nice to work with, and SOFT. The yarn is from hlmiller on Etsy...

Sunday, June 10

I finshed my first pair

Yes, I finished my first pair of socks ever. I've posted socks below. The happy dance is being done over here.


Saturday, June 2

Sock Swap - Redux

I just wanted to let everyone know (or remind you if you already know) that there's a second sock swap on the Knittyboard. It's hosted by Stariel and Bryghtrose (again). Sign-ups are still open so get your patooties over there for some fresh brewed coffee!

Here's the link to the thread:

Friday, June 1

Dublin Bay Finish

My Dublin Bay socks are finished. The yarn is Brown Sheep's Wildfoote in the colorway: Symphony.
After I got the hang of this pattern it worked up fairly quickly. I did reduce the size. The pattern calls for 72 stitches. I was quickly running out of yarn and the sock was a bit large for me.
I went down to 64 stitches. That worked up to a perfect size.