Thursday, March 9

My new socks will be....

Lola Lacy Mock Rib Socks, pattern and handpainted yarn from Schaefer Yarns. The yarn is shades of blues and greens - gotta have the blue! - and is worsted weight so they will go quickly.
How I got sucked into buying an expensive kit totally escapes me. I think it must have been from seeing another woman at Knit Nite using some of this yarn, and reading about others using handpainted yarns on Knitty. Like I don't have enough sock yarn hanging out in my craft room already. Oh well, the thinner yarns will be better for later in the spring, right??


Blogger String Bean said...

I have never knit worsted weight socks. How are they to knit?

11:27 AM  
Blogger darbyrose said...

Very easy to knit and so fast! They are quite cushy and comfy to wear.

My very first pair of socks were made with Cascade 220 superwash and are holding up well, even with being machine washed (and dried a few times.)

9:37 PM  

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